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We understand how difficult it is to make academic deadlines and the hard work that goes into writing a hundred percent original paper. This is where DMentor steps in, with a qualified content writer to match your writing needs who will compose your article, assignment or thesis well within your deadlines to your satisfaction. Our team of qualified experts will keep working for you until you are perfectly satisfied.

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At DMentor, we understand the value of words, so we don’t take our promises lightly. This is why before we even begin taking responsibility for your work, we make sure our house is in order by:

1. Testing the Experts: Based on the credentials of our applicant pool, we test their English knowledge and specialization via verbal and written tests

2. Training the Best: Once our candidates have been selected, the real work begins by beginning the process training via a series of workshops, mentorship programs and test assignments

3. Mentoring the Newbies: Before we let our content creators fly free to write their own magnificent papers, we pair a seasoned expert from our team as a mentor until our new team members are able to flawlessly complete their assignments according to client preferences

4. Regular Evaluation System: To ensure that our content writers are at the top of their game and excelling at delivering the best content to our clients, our top management has a regular evaluation system in place to keep the DMentor ecosystem functioning flawlessly

5. Reward System: We understand how important it is to reward our hardworking team, so a qualitative and quantitative reward system is in place for our DMentor family


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