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In a challenging economic climate and in the midst of a boom, graduates of business degrees are in high demand among a wide range of employers. You may be taking a first degree or returning to university to enhance your skills and move your career up a level, looking for a foundation in the core principles of international business or a deeper specialization in one particular market or role. Whatever your situation and career goals, there’s bound to be a business degree to match.



University courses in the fields of business and management are among the most popular worldwide, at both undergraduate and graduate levels of study. Business and management degrees range from broad and comprehensive to highly specialized programs, spanning subjects including accounting, finance, business administration, economics, marketing and management – each of which provides further opportunities for specialization.



Though arts and humanities degrees may not offer as clear cut a career path as sciences, the wide ranging and transferable skills gained have equipped many graduates with more than enough to succeed in the professional world. Read our guides to find out what getting an arts and humanities degree entails, and to where it could lead.



Whether you’re captivated by Chaucer’s Middle English poetics, obsessed with the colonial subtext in the novels of Joseph Conrad, or take a keen linguistic interest in the rap music of Snoop Dogg, you’ve come to the right place. This guide is all about what to expect from English language and literature degrees, including English topics you may be able to specialize in, opportunities for a journalism career, teaching career, or careers in the arts and humanities sectors, as well as the key skills you will pick up along the way.



Ever seen a strange rock formation and wondered how it got that way? Or watched a documentary about an overcrowded slum and wanted to understand why people were living in such poor conditions? If you choose to study geography at university, you’ll have a chance to explore these types of question, and much, much more. Indeed, geography degrees are some of the most varied out there; it's more apt to consider this as a broad academic field, rather than a single subject.



Rather ambitiously, anthropology degrees set out to investigate humankind and human society, from the physical evolution of the human body and brain, through to the political, cultural and linguistic practices of modern societies.



While based on a stereotype, and the common confusion between psychologists and psychiatrists*, this refrain is not too far from the truth. Psychology degrees are all about the study of people – their behavior, thoughts, actions, interactions and reactions.



Philosophy degrees are all about asking big questions - the value of life, the basis of morality, the nature of the world around us. Thanks to the ever accelerating advancements made in the ‘hard’ sciences over the past 200 years, human knowledge has advanced to a point that once would have been inconceivable.

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